We  are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality  and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the “best”  in our business. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic  strategy for survival and future growth. It must be clearly understood  that we’ll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or  schedule

Gasified  incineration, mixed  incineration and burnout treatment ensures low  emission standard of  dust, dioxin and harm gases, in addition our  incinerators use dry and  wet scrubbers which reduce the smoke emission  significantly

We  use 3 chambers in our incinerators:  primary combustion chamber, mix  combustion chamber and secondary  combustion chamber.Unique Mix  combustion chamber which used in our hiclover Incinerators used to make  sure long residency time in secondary  combustion chamber, ensure full  combustion, kill the virus and remove  black smoke

The  term wet scrubber describes a variety of devices that remove and clean  mainly dust and pollutants from a furnace flue gas or from other gas  streams. In a wet scrubber, the polluted gas stream is brought into  contact with the scrubbing liquid, by spraying it with the liquid, by  forcing it through a pool of liquid, or by some other contact method, so  as to remove the pollutants. The smoke emission will be reduced  significantly when using the Wet Scrubber. In our Wet Scrubber The end  gas flow from second burner chamber to wet scrubber, span the water,  with the speed about 18-30 meter per second(m/s). The big dust dissolves  in the water by two aprons, which flow with “S” path, the water level  control by water level gauge

In  addition to having two main combustion chambers (primary combustion  chamber) and (secondary combustion chamber), our  hiclover incinerators have  also (Mix combustion chamber) which is bigger to make sure long  residency time in secondary combustion chamber, ensure full combustion,  kill the virus and remove black smoke

Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.

Our  incinerators have chamber for Dry  Scrubbers (smoke filter)which is of  high technology air pollution  control devices that can be used to  remove some particulates and/or  gases from industrial or medical  incinerators

Our small incinerators use major energy saving, easy to use and start-up and excellent performance ratio burners.

The  latest technology and high quality European CE certified burners used  in our incinerators which cause high effective and high burn rate, in  addition oil or gas burners used are conforming to international  standards.

The burners have maintenance  facilitated by the fact that the atomization unit can be removed w/o  having to remove the burner from the medical incinerators

Chimney  (Stack) which used in Our  hiclover Incinerator made ofquality 304  stainless steel material which makeit  heavy duty and lead it to prolong  life